FADA Engineering; It produces various special machines for different sectors in many areas of the industry with its competent, experienced and dynamic engineer staff, constantly renewed, up-to-date and innovative mindset. It offers high quality smart special solutions suitable for your processes for your special machine needs.

FADA Engineering; It analyzes your special needs with its high quality service understanding, offers various design alternatives and determines the most suitable product for you. With an innovative perspective; It designs the determined product for you by adhering to the principles of durability, ergonomics and quality, analyzes and produces it in accordance with real working conditions with computer-aided simulations using all kinds of technology. Before delivering the product it has produced through the necessary function tests, it gives you the necessary training about the product and how it is used in detail. After delivery, it offers you all kinds of support for your service and service requests within a maximum of 48 hours.


Automotive / Energy / Aviation / Logistics / Iron and Steel / Aluminum / Agriculture / Livestock / Shipyard / Ports / Marine / Molding / Foundry / White Goods